Additional Services

Additional Services

Additional Services

Sim Local has stores located in London Heathrow airport, manages a range of automated retail machines and provides a shop in shop model across key UK, Irish and international airports.

By implementing our SIMulator software in our Sim Local stores, we have made it possible to apply bundles to our SIM cards in around 6 seconds.

This compares favourably to the average 7 minutes needed in most retailers and therefore by integrating SIMulator, a hugely improved customer experience can be delivered and overall service time reduced in stores.

This technology allows for real time reporting along with quick and easy integration while encouraging an increase in sales, revenue and a superior customer experience.

SIMulator | Local SIM Card Vending MachineSIMulator | Best Service ProviderSIMulator | Best Service Provider

Voted Best Service Provider at MVNOs World Congress 2019.

Retail Channel Operations

Our branded shops are currently located in landside retail locations in Heathrow Airport. We offer a range of travel themed SIM packages and accessories for international travelers arriving in the UK. Our multilingual staff are specialists in these products and are equipped with the knowledge and training to make sure our customers get the right products to suit their needs.

We currently provide:

  • Large screen displays both in store and outside
  • Screen messaging that can be tailored to inbound flight times
  • Flexible sizes rather than one size only models
  • Sizes ranging from 30 sqm to 75 sqm
  • The smart technology of SIMulator for speedy SIM card activation
  • Strong brand identity – thanks to close working relationships with our partners/clients

SIM Card Technology

Sim Local specialises in the art of SIM card sales – for both local and international networks.

Our technology was created to overcome complicated processes and establish solutions that deliver a speedier bundle application to international SIM card sales.

We are constantly evolving our technology with further solutions on the horizon.

Our in-market SIMulator software makes it possible to activate travel SIM card bundles in approximately 6 seconds compared to the industry average of 7-8 minutes, ensuring greatly enhanced customer service.

SIMulator Delivers:

  • A reduced SIM card activation time: 7-8 minutes are cut down to approximately 6 seconds
  • A better, quicker customer experience avoiding lost sales
  • Pre-activated bundles – no need to pre-provision stock
  • A product that matches the customers’ specific travel needs and offers them the best value