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Q. Will eSIMs replace traditional SIM cards?A. Inevitably, yes – the only question is, how long will it take? We used to buy music on physical media (CDs and cassette tapes), but now we simply download it digitally. It’ll be exactly the same for SIM cards – eSIM is the digital equivalent.In the same [...]

An eSIM Q&A2021-02-19T14:51:34+00:00

Transforming Mobile One eSIM at a Time


Digital transformation has been ever-present in many companies’ over the last few years, but the challenges 2020 has brought, in the form of the coronavirus pandemic, have sharpened this focus to an acute and imminent reality. This is particularly prevalent when thinking about the mobile industry. It has traditionally been rooted in the [...]

Transforming Mobile One eSIM at a Time2021-01-07T12:24:00+00:00

How eSIM is revolutionising Mobile and IoT


The SIM card is soon to be consigned to history. Destined to be another example of an, as then, much needed, but now seen as a rather clunky stepping-stone on the path to technological nirvana, alongside mobile pagers, MP3 players and Palm Pilots.  It’ll be remembered in moments of nostalgia as that fiddly [...]

How eSIM is revolutionising Mobile and IoT2020-12-02T11:26:24+00:00

eSIM: The Gateway to Growth


At first glance, eSIM technology looks like a welcome evolution of the physical SIM that billions of people use every day around the world to get their mobile devices connected. Instead of first acquiring, then inserting, a plastic SIM card into our phones, we’ll simply be downloading them over the Internet, in the [...]

eSIM: The Gateway to Growth2020-11-04T11:45:41+00:00

Why the eSIM Winners are Going Global


Why the eSIM Winners are Going Global eSIM is already revolutionising mobile. It has made connecting everyday mobile devices much easier and quicker. It has enabled new smaller device categories, such as smart-watches and fitness trackers. It has opened avenues of universal connectivity for laptops and has raised the bar on the potential [...]

Why the eSIM Winners are Going Global2020-11-04T10:46:34+00:00

eSIM : A Silent Revolution


The software shift from physical SIM card to a digital eSIM download is set to transform the mobile industry, offering new business opportunities for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) as well as a new world of choice for consumers. The GSMA itself predicts that by 2025, 35% of [...]

eSIM : A Silent Revolution2020-11-04T10:49:09+00:00
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