eSIM - What Does It Mean for Me?

eSIM - What does it mean for me?

eSIM is the new buzzword in the mobile phone sector but what does it really mean for users?

1. You Will No Longer Have to Physically Go Shopping for a SIM Card

With online shopping becoming the ‘go to’ and the chances of getting dressed and leaving the house becoming less and less likely, this works perfectly with new eSIM technology. You will now be able to download a SIM profile directly to your device without even leaving your couch. The eSIM is embedded in your phone, meaning there’s no need to remove it to swap it out – buying a SIM will now be done digitally, through downloads or QR codes.

2. Want to Change Network? No Problem!

Many of us have been in the situation of awkwardly leaving our network providers for better deals from a rival network. And this process can be a long one, taking a number of days to move your number to your new network. Now you will be able to switch between networks, on your device, as you please. You will also be able to store multiple network profiles on a device, meaning that you can have one number for business and one for personal use - all on a single phone.

3. If You’re Travelling, You’re Set

Because eSIM allows users to store multiple profiles on their devices at once, the frequent traveller has got it made. They will now be able to swap between SIMs for each country they travel to and avoid expensive roaming charges. This may be particularly interesting for UK travellers depending on how the 29th of March goes…

4. You Can No Longer Lose Your SIM Card

Ok, maybe this one was never an issue for you before, but now it’s not even a possibility. And the best bit of the built-in SIM card is the fact that if your phone gets lost or stolen, it can now be traced through the SIM. So now if you head out for the night, do the dreaded check for your phone and wallet in your bag the next morning and see that your phone is missing… You have a much better chance of having it returned.


eSIM technology will be ideal for those of us who don’t want to stand in long queues, don’t feel like leaving the house to go shopping, or have a tendency to lose their phone every time they go out. Even for the busy person who wants to make sure they keep their personal and work phones separate – eSIM has got most mobile phone users covered.


Silvia Yan
Silvia Yan


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