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The People's Republic of China (PRC), is a unitary sovereign state in East Asia and the world's most populous country, with a population of around 1.404 billion. Covering approximately 9,600,000 square kilometres (3,700,000 sq mi). There are over 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, four direct-controlled municipalities (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Chongqing), and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. People celebrate with their family and usually have a reunion dinner. This occasion is called “ChunYun”. Chun means Spring and Yun mean transport. Chun Yun is The Spring Festival Transport Season.

According to the data from Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China, there are 2.98 billion passengers who go on a domestic trip to China. The number of passengers is expected to exceed 3 billion according to the forecast for 2018. Among them, 393 million passengers are expected to travel by rail to home this year.

Travel to China - ChunYun

People are waiting at Guangzhou station to buy a ticket to return home. People need to wait for few hours or even a day to buy a ticket. 

In 2018, the last batch of the 90s will reach the age of 18, the new working force in China. They have grown up with the rapid development of the Internet, are more likely to buy a ticket on the Internet. Also because of the help of artificial intelligence and big data, the third-party ticket-grabbing platforms are more convenient and intelligent, which can help passengers to grab a more comfortable train ticket while improving the success rate of grabbing votes. All the above factors will improve the ChunYun experience and the travellers' ability to get around.

During the Spring “Chun Yun” Festival, most of the shops and factories are closed as the staff travel home to be with their families. However, I wouldn’t be recommended you travel in China during this period as a tourist. However, if you planned to go China in ChunYun period, you can experience peaceful China where families unite and spend some quality time celebrating the Spring period

Silvia Yan
Silvia Yan


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