The Industry Problem

The mobile Prepaid sector has seen several challenges over the years in both the direct and indirect channels. However, chief amongst those problems is customers buying an operators SIM card with no connection to the Operators Network.

Sim Local identified that problem whilst operating in the travel sector and designed the ‘SIMulator”. This piece of software simultaneously marries the SIM card to the call credit and the Operators’s billing system. This in turn allows the Operator to deliver a specific plan for the customer.

Sounds complicated…it’s not! All of this happens in approximately 6 seconds. This swift and fully digital process delights customers and allows the direct and indirect channels to trade a lot more efficiently, as we can integrate directly into retailers till systems, provide stand alone kiosks or handheld computers.

Sim Local work directly with Mobile Operators and their indirect partners across the world and can offer this service through their fully integrated ‘UNITE’ platform.

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Stakeholder Benefits 



  • Reduction in transaction time from 5-7 minutes to 6 seconds
  • Ability to purchase products/ packs at the till point and ‘walk out working’
  • Better engagement with the network



  • Clarity on commissions
  • Real time reporting
  • Better customer journey
  • Save transaction time at till point
  • Digitally enabled and eSIM ready
  • Real time merchandising and promotional capacity



  • End to ‘musical chairs’ approach of SIM Swopping
  • Retailer integrity
  • Protection on estate commissions
  • Transparency on commissions
  • Real time reporting
  • Digitally enabled and eSIM ready