About SIM Local


 What does SIM Local do?

We have a simple mission in SIM Local. We want to enable you to avoid expensive roaming charges. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, you should be able to use your phone abroad without the fear of a large bill when you get home.

We do this by selling local domestic SIM cards. We don’t carry our own SIM cards. Instead we have the best deals with the major local networks in each country. This means that you can use your new SIM card at the same great rates as millions of people in the country that you’re visiting.

These SIM cards are prepaid, so it’s not possible to run up unexpected bills. And if you run out of your prepaid credit, don’t worry, it’s very simple to top up and get right back to your conversations.

We have different deals depending on what’s more important to you. Whether you’re a talker, a texter or a data user, we can provide you with the right deal so that you can relax, enjoy your travels and have more money in your pocket for the rest of your trip.

In addition to SIM cards, we sell a number of items that will make your journey easier, for example extra chargers and phone accessories. We also sell some unlocked phones, for people who prefer to have their original phone number and their new SIM Local phone number on the go at the same time.


Who are SIM Local?

We are an Irish company, with our head office based in Dublin. We have retail stores in Dublin and Heathrow airports, with more planned in the coming months. You can also find us in vending machines in airport arrivals halls, through our travel affinity partnerships and in our partner shops.


SIM Local is the trading name of Sim Travel Limited. Our registered office and headquarters address is:

Suite 28/29
The Mall
Beacon Court
Sandyford Industrial Estate
Dublin 18

Our company registration number is 489368.


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