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SIM Local are specialists of SIM card channel management and technology. We do this investing in both our team and our technology to provide a superior customer experience.

Not only do SIM Local have stores located at Heathrow London but we also manage a network of Automated Retail machines and operate a shop-in-shop model across key UK and Irish Airports.

By implementing our SIMulator software in our SIM Local stores, we have made it possible to apply bundles to our SIM cards in around 6 seconds. This compares favourably to the average 7 minutes needed by most retailers and therefore by integrating SIMulator, a hugely improved customer experience can be delivered and overall service time reduced in stores.

This technology allows for real time reporting along with quick and easy integration, while encouraging an increase in sales, revenue and superior customer experience.



Our Services 



Retail Channel Models 

Shop Models

SIM Local has three primary channel models.


Fully Fitted Shop

SimLocal store Heathow Terminal 3

Our branded shops are currently located in prime retail locations in Heathrow Airport with further expansion opportunities ahead. We offer a range of bespoke bundles for international travellers from some of the UK’s top networks. Our multilingual staff are specialists in these products and are equipped with the knowledge and training to make sure our customers get the right product that suits their needs. Our stores are equipped with smart technology of SIMulator for speedy SIM card activation meaning a positive and speedy customer experience.


Shop in Shop 

SIM Local works with retailers who want to increase revenue opportunities by selling local SIM cards and bundles in their stores. These can be designed specifically for the international traveller.  SIM Local will provide full channel management including; sourcing of SIM cards, design of bundles, POS and stock management. Epos integration and reporting is powered by our proprietary technology SIMulator.

SimLocal shop in shop


Automated Retailing

SimLocal Automated Retail Unit Heathow Airport

In partnership with Brandbox, SIM Local have implemented their Automated Retail machines to ensure that customers have access to products 24 hours a day. As of now, SIM Local have machines in London Heathrow and Manchester airports – with future planned expansion in the UK and Europe.

Brandbox are channel experts when it comes to all things automated retail, and understand that pairing the right brands with optimal locations is key in order to get noticed by the target audience.

Generally, 60% of travellers spend 15 minutes or less at an airport retail outlet. SIM Local are aware of this, and have employed Brandbox’s expertise in order to ensure that customer interaction is quick, easy and, most importantly, enjoyable.


Our Products 


Our proprietary software, SIMulator, provides simple and speedy pre-paid SIM activation.

As a retailer this means;

  • SIMulator reduces the SIM card activation time from 7 minutes to 6 seconds
  • Reduced transaction time leading to savings in staff costs
  • A better, quicker customer experience avoiding lost sales
  • No need to pre-provision stock or wait for a customer to insert the SIM card ahead of activating the bundle
  • Real time and easy to track reporting meaning commission payments will be more transparent
  • Relevant deal bundles for international travellers

We provide;

  • Full training of staff with additional support available to manage staff turnover
  • Full integration with existing Epos
  • Stock management and merchandising
  • Full servicing


    Corporate WiFi device


    Uni-Fi corporate device


    Our sister company Uni-Fi Global provides a global 4G Wi-Fi device which enables customers to stay connected at local rates no matter where they are, while avoiding the bill shock associated with roaming charges.

    Uni-fi devices use cloud-based SIM technology to link to the best local rates providing secure Wi-Fi coverage without the need for local SIM cards. Uni-Fi provides you with secure, high speed 4G data in over 100 countries worldwide.

    Uni-Fi is an ideal product for corporate travellers who need fast, convenient and safe access to Internet without the worry of the high costs associated with roaming charges.

    Uni-Fi provides a corporate service model which includes;

    • Provision and set up of devices
    • Flexible price plans available based on employee data needs  - choose data or time bundles
    • Centralised device management and API access to data
    • Reporting module provides real time data usage allowing for the device and expenditure to be managed centrally
    • A billing platform along with a mobile application allows the end user to manage and monitor data usage
    • Data Interception - using the latest technology ensures no ‘eavesdropping’ through outdated infrastructure

    For more information please refer to the Uni-Fi Global website



    Shopping habits have undergone a significant transformation with consumers shifting their purchasing behaviour to online platforms. Shoppers are seeking out better shopping experiences that fit their hectic lifestyles and are using their phones and tablets to access products and brands.

    As a result of this shift, retailers are responding by evolving their retail channel to include concept stores, interactive shopping features and vending.

    The channel of traditional vending has undergone a transformation into the more contemporary Automated Retail channel.

    We offer a bespoke Automated Retail channel management service to retailers. This is managed through our sister company Brandbox.

    Brandbox understands that acquiring space in an Airport location is a complex and lengthy process. Brandbox have secured premium spaces within the UK and Europe’s busiest airports giving brands potential exposure to high volumes of international travellers.

    The aim of Brandbox is to provide clients with a piece of retail theatre in high footfall locations to make sure that they get the brand cut-through they deserve. In this way, Brandbox works closely with the brand to ensure that they always stand out from the competition.

    Brandbox provides the following key services;

    • Campaign design and development
    • Location procurement and logistics management
    • Account Management
    • Reporting and analytics

    For more information on how your brand can benefit from Automated Retailing click here.



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