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Sim Local Scores 100% for Service Levels at Heathrow Airport

Updated: May 31, 2022

Sim Local Heathrow T3 shop

Sim Local Scores 100% for service levels at Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport, London October 31st 2019: Sim Local, the travel technology company today announced that it has received full marks for its service levels at Heathrow airport.  The monthly survey, which is independently undertaken by London Heathrow Mystery Shopping assesses customer service levels amongst passengers travelling through the airport.

The assessment involves an unbiased and unknown consumer who is paid to shop in particular stores in order to collect information and data. These discreet reviews monitor the performance standards of the stores and of the staff.

Sim Local received a consistent maximum score of 100% over the past three months. The mystery shop evaluates shopping experiences for 1) Store Entrance 2) Browsing 3) Product Enquiry 4) Heathrow Terminal Question and 5) Overall Experience.

Commenting on the results, Killian Whelan, CEO of Sim Local said, “We invest a lot of time in training and upskilling our teams to ensure we deliver excellent customer service every time. We are delighted to be rated so highly and continue to seek ways to improve our customers’ experience of Sim Local.  This is testament to our retail staff and we would like to acknowledge the important role they play day in, day out in assisting customers.”

All mystery shoppers stated that they were approached and welcomed by a member of staff within 1 minute of entering the store.

The Sim Local staff scored full marks and were rated by all shoppers as welcoming and friendly. The staff also made the effort in every case to ask follow-up questions in order to fully meet the customers’ needs.

In every instance, staff members were asked a ‘bonus question’ about the terminal in which their store is located and they were deemed to answer these queries “confidently and politely”.

Commenting on their experience with a member of the Sim Local staff, one of the shoppers stated, “The member of staff was really attentive towards my needs and made a lot of effort to assist me and remained friendly throughout.”

All shoppers have said that when it came to their visits, “there was nothing that could have been improved”.


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