London UK, 17th August 2020: This month, Sim Local has officially launched its ‘UNITE’ eSIM platform providing all the core capability a mobile operator needs to be able to offer eSIM services to their customers. Working directly with operators and indirect partners worldwide, UNITE allows customers of those operators to purchase, activate, download and install eSIM subscriptions onto their mobile devices. An associated low CapEx and Pay As You Grow commercial model makes it an easy decision for operators to buy from Sim Local rather than building eSIM capability themselves.

The GSMA predicts that by 2025, 35% of all smartphone network connections will be made using eSIM technology.  Even in two years’ time, 10% of those connections will be via eSIM. This shift – moving from a physical SIM card to a digital eSIM download – is set to transform the mobile industry. This disruption will offer new business opportunities for mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), as well as a new world of choice for consumers.

Since 2011, Sim Local has been providing prepaid local SIM cards to international travellers, serving almost a million customers in 2019. It is this heritage which led to them recognising the commercial opportunities of eSIM. Furthermore, partnering with the GSMA, the trade association for mobile operators worldwide, Sim Local has helped guide the development of the eSIM specification. The UNITE platform has been built using these standards and specifically developed to address the challenges of customer acquisition via eSIM.

Julie Gibb, Chief Technology Officer at Sim Local, comments: “The arrival of eSIM technology is presenting a real challenge to the current business models of many mobile operators. At Sim Local, we embraced the digital transformation driven by eSIM technology and applied it to our own business by developing specialist eSIM capability through UNITE.”

“UNITE utilises the latest in web technologies in conjunction with a microservices architecture to bring a best in class capability into an operator’s eSIM ecosystem. We’re specifically solving a problem for operators who are time/resource constrained – we can deliver a complete eSIM solution to them in weeks, not months or years.”

Visit www.simlocal.com to find out more about the exciting opportunities and commercial advantages eSIM brings.



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About Sim Local

Sim Local – was founded in 2011 and is one of the world’s largest SIM providers in the travel sector and experts in eSIM technology.

Sim Local provides comprehensive eSIM capability to mobile operators; building functionality on existing SM-DP+ bases or offering solutions from scratch.  Sim Local has developed a powerful eSIM platform: UNITE, working with infrastructure providers and across all areas of retail integration.  The UNITE platform provides the core capability mobile operators need to be able to offer eSIM services to customers across all sales channels, allowing them to purchase, activate, download and install eSIM profiles.

Sim Local is an associate member of the GSMA and has been part of their eSIM project, developing global standards across consumer and M2M/IoT since 2017.

The company has a wealth of expertise across the telecoms, retail, and global travel industry, working with affiliate networks across 54 countries and operating airport stores and vending machines providing local network bundles to thousands of intercontinental travellers each year.

To find out more, visit www.simlocal.com