Mobile News, August 2020

eSIM is the future of mobile according to SIM Local head of eSIM strategy Gary Waite 

eSIM is already revolutionising mobile. It has made connecting everyday mobile devices much easier and quicker.

It has enabled new smaller device categories, such as smart-watches and fitness trackers.

It has opened avenues of universal connectivity for laptops and has raised the bar on the potential for IoT.

But what is really exciting about eSIM is that it unshackles mobile network operators (MNO’s) from their traditional national boundaries, allowing them to provide services far beyond that, and leverage their brands on a global scale.

Thanks to sponsorship of major sporting teams, events and ubiquitous exposure on international media, MNOs are already among the most visible brands in the world today.

However, even the largest MNOs have a customer-base limited to no more than a dozen countries of operation, whereas other equally recognisable brands such as Coca Cola, Nike and Apple see their products available everywhere.

So, why are MNOs so constrained?

Well, there are two barriers at hand, and both are resolved with eSIM.

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