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UNITE June 23 - What's New?

Continued product improvements aimed at reducing friction in customer journeys.

New support for multi-territory clients.

Improvements to product messaging on Shop.

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Login 2.png

Shop - Simpler Sign Up

The sign up process is easier than ever, reducing the friction of the purchase journey.

Shop - Local Plans First

Now, local plans appear first in searches, giving customers more relevant search results.

Featured plans can still be used to highlight offers.

T 7.1.1 - My Account.png
T 7.1.1 - My eSIM.png

Shop - Logged Out Pages

New users can explore the My eSIM and My Account pages, rather than be forced to log in.

Shop - Better Summaries

The order summary now displays the plan name and total only, simplifying the display.

Receipts still contain a full order breakdown.

Order Summary.jpg

Shop - Messaging Fixes

Many various inconsistencies have been fixed and improvements made to error messaging.

New Icon & Splash

The Sim Local app has been updated with a more consistent app icon & splash screen.


Retail POS - Order Search

Orders can now be queried within Retail POS, enabling staff to quickly check status details.



Analytics now reports on a UNITE-wide and per-client basis, with transaction funnels and conversion / campaign tracking.

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