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What is an eSIM?
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An eSIM is the modern version of the old-fashioned plastic SIMs historically used in phones and is a piece of hardware that sits inside your phone.

The ‘eSIM Profile’ is the software that is downloaded to your phone, allowing you to connect to a local mobile network.

An eSIM is a more convenient, and environmentally friendly way for you to connect.

Simply download the Sim Local app, activate a bundle, and go.

Can I use an eSIM?
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If your device is a relatively new Apple, Samsung, or Google smartphone, then the answer is most-likely ‘yes’.

If not, you should check If your phone is eSIM ready and unlocked from your current provider.

Devices from Apple iPhone 11, Samsung Fold S21, and Google Pixel 3 onwards all support eSIM but if you’re not sure, you can check the manufacturers’ website or check our handy guide.

Advantages of using an eSIM
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- No contract
- Fast download
- Prices start at just £3
- Save £££s on roaming fees
- Connect to a local network wherever you are
- Buy and activate instantly
- Utilise multiple eSIM profiles for easy jet-setting
- Private and secure
- No fiddly trays or hardware

Why choose Sim Local?
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- Local plans from local providers at local prices
- 5* customer service
- Wide variety of plans, including data only and bundles

When can I install my eSIM?
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We recommend that you download and install your eSIM just before travel, and when you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Each of our operators have slightly different activation rules so please check your plan before travel for when the validity period will start and end, to ensure the maximum use from your eSIM.

We also have retail units at many major airports to provide any assistance or advice you may need.

See our store locations.

What does validity and activation mean?
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Validity refers to the number of days a plan can be used for.

- Most of our plans are valid for 30 days but some smaller data plans are only valid for 7 days.
- It is best to choose the plan that suits your needs according to how long you are travelling for and how much data you will use.
- The validity period will start when you activate your plan or when you land in the relevant country according to the operator you are with.

Please check your plan details for when the validity period starts.

Activation refers to when you download and install your eSIM and it’s ready to use.
- Please ensure you check with your individual plan details or contact customer services if there is an issue with activating your plan.

Please note: Guest checkout activates your chosen plan at the time of purchase. To activate your plan later, we recommend signing up so that you can log into your account to activate your plan when you travel.

Can I keep my eSIM if I change my phone number?
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Yes, your eSIM is associated with your phone rather than your operator plan or phone number.

Can I use more than one eSIM at a time?
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One of the advantages of eSIMs is that you can have several plans on your phone and switch between them instantly, depending on where you are and the plan you wish to use. Depending on your device, you may be able to use a dual-eSIM configuration, but typically you cannot use more than two at the same time.

You can check your device manufacturer guidelines for more information.

Please note: Some devices will limit the number of eSIMs you can store on your phone at any one time and you may need to remove an old eSIM to use a new one. (Typically 8-10 eSIMs)

Can I switch between eSIM profiles?
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Yes, absolutely. One of the advantages of eSIMs is that you can have several plans on your phone at any one time and switch between them instantly depending on where you are and the plan you wish to use.

Please note: Some devices will limit the number of eSIMs you can store on your phone at any one time and you may need to remove an old eSIM to use a new one.

What payment methods do you support?
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Sim Local accepts:

- Visa (including Visa PrePaid, Visa Premium Deferred Debit)
- Mastercard (including all cards associated with Mastercard (i.e Maestro)
- Apple Pay
- Google Pay
All credit/debit card transactions on simlocal.com are processed securely by Stripe, to keep your information safe.

Can I return my eSIM?
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If you've purchased an eSIM and have not yet activated it yet, you can return it for a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

To do this:
- Go to My eSIM and click on plan details.
- If the plan has not been activated, you will see the 'Return Plan' option.
- Select it and confirm.
- Your refund will be processed automatically.

Already activated your plan and having an issue with your eSIM? Contact us for assistance.

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Help and Support

Need help getting connected? Read frequently asked questions about eSIM, or contact us directly below.

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