Best eSIM for Canada in 2024: A Guide

May 27, 2024

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In this article:

·       What is the best eSIM for Canada?

·       Top 10 Reasons to Visit Canada

·       What Should You Look Out for in Canada?


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Canada is a stunning country, with striking vistas, a wide variety of landscapes, and incredible wildlife. Whether you are travelling through Canada, immigrating or just passing by – avoid high roaming charges with an eSIM that provides local coverage so you are guaranteed connection.


Keeping your phone connected while traveling this vast, and sometimes remote, country can be a challenge and traditional roaming plans offered by major Canadian operators don’t make it easier, charging up to CAD $15 a day ($400+ per month).


For this reason, many travelers invest in an eSIM for Canada. eSIMs offer speedy installation, multiple, cost-effective plan options, and remove the hassle of traditional SIM cards. They make travelling life easy.


What is the best eSIM for Canada?

Choosing the best eSIM for Canada depends on a few factors. That is what we are going to answer in this guide, where we will suggest the key factors to look out for and take into consideration when selecting your Canada eSIM plan.

View of Toronto City Centre from Ontario Lake

1.     Destination or Route

The first step is to consider where youare actually going when you get to Canada.

  • Will you be staying in cities and towns? There will be more opportunities to connect to wi-fi in built up areas rather than rural.
  • Will you be travelling across Canada or staying in one place? Signal coverage will be better in cities but it can be along drive between locations!
  • Will you be leaving Canada and going to any other countries on your trip? If you cross any borders, you will have to take this into consideration when choosing a plan.

Answering these questions will give you a good idea of what kind of eSIM plan you will need, along with how many countries you will need it to cover.


2.     Expected Phone Usage

Everyone uses their phones differently.

Some people never have it out of theirhands, while others will put it down somewhere and forget it exists (and come back to several missed messages and calls).

When you are away from home however, your phone usage tends to change as more people are relying on their phones and apps, such as Google maps (it’s a long way between major cities in Canada), than at home (along with uploading envy inducing snaps of elks or sunsets, and videos to various social media).

Seriously consider what you are likely to use your phone for while you are in Canada and compare this to your existing usage and phone plan. That way you can ensure you get the right amount of data.


3.     Budget

Although the cheapest way to stay connected, buying an eSIM plan is an additional expense and unless you are able to pause your existing plan while you are in Canada, then you’re going to want to get the most cost-effective option for your requirements.

Consider how much more you are willing to spend to keep your phone connected and look at what you can get within that amount.

While other eSIM suppliers offer data roaming packages, Sim Local provides an online marketplace with plans from leading networks wherever you are which gives you better value for money and reliability of signal.


4.     Length of Trip

eSIM plans cover a range of lengths, from 3 days to a month, so it’s important to assess how long you will be away (including any time you spend in the airport as you will need coverage then too!).

If you do run out of data before your trip ends, it’s easy to purchase additional data (for any amount) via the Sim Local App.


5.     Rating of Supplier

When you are travelling, you want the best eSIM for Canada provider to keep you connected so reading reviews, and checking TrustPilot ratings is very important. Sim Local, has a 4.8-star rating on TrustPilot and only uses local, Canadian, suppliers to ensure a strong connection to provide you with the same connection you are used to at home.

By following these steps and doing your research, it will be easy to find the best eSIM for Canada for your needs.


Top 10 Reasons to Visit Canada

Canada is a diverse, exciting country with a lot to experience, see and do.

We’ve put together our top 10 reasons to visit Canada:


1.    Scenery: Known for The Rockies, striking coastal views and Niagra Falls.

2.    Food: Try the fresh seafood or Canada’s more classy answer to chips and cheese - poutine)

3.    Low tourist scene: Lots of space with a variety of activities means Canada is not overcrowded with tourists.

4.    Outdoor activities: Hiking, snow sports, fresh-water swimming, the great outdoors is aptly named in Canada.

5.    Easy driving: The roads are well maintained and very quiet so getting stuck in traffic is unlikely to delay your adventures (the moose and elk might!)

6.    Varied country: East, West or the Islands, each area of Canada offers something different to travelers.

7.    Safe for travelers: Canada is well known for it’s polite and friendly people and is therefore safe for visitors although the usual precautions should always be taken.

8.    Wine: Canadian wine is surprisingly good and their ice wine is a true highpoint!

9.    Short Flight Time: It is considered to be a short flight to the East Coast of Canada and takes approx. 5 hours from the UK.

10.  Maple Syrup: We saved the best for last and Canada’s greatest export does not disappoint. They definitely keep the good stuff for themselves!


The majestic Rocky Mountains of Canada

What should you look out for in Canada

While Canada is a safe, friendly, and welcoming place, there are a few things to be aware of. We have listed our top 3 things to watch out for below:


1.     Insects: Black fly are worse than mosquitos and can cause itchy bites. They tend to live in forests and will bite any exposed skin.

2.     Identity: Canadians are proud to be Canadian and don’t enjoy being confused with their neighbours to the south.

3.     Save Money: The Rockies is a popular tourist destination in Canada but the panoramic train to the top can be quite expensive. Our top tip? Take the car instead!




You've decided to explore the breath taking landscapes of Canada and staying connected on will be a breeze when you follow our guide for finding the best eSIM for Canada plan.

Canada offers more than just stunning scenery to adventure in, there is also delicious food including poutine, seafood and maple syrup, to world-class wine to explore, so there's something for everyone.

Experience it all with local connection, reliable signal and a trustworthy company like Sim Local.

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