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Phone Unlocking

Different countries have different rules on phone locking. Usually a phone is only locked when the mobile network has subsidised the handset. In order to find out whether your phone is locked to your network, please contact your provider.

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The Benefits of Mobile Phone Unlocking

Stay connected without paying expensive roaming charges


With an unlocked phone, you can use any local SIM in your handset. This will eliminate your roaming charges.


Cheaper Tariff


By selecting the most suitable local network, you will avail of the cheapest tariffs possible for both national and international calls. Sim Local leverages local network discount offers and makes the best deals available to you based on your needs.

Is it Legal to Unlock?


If you have already served your contract term, you can legitimately request an unlocking code from your network provider. Check with your network supplier for your specific contract terms if you have signed one.


Free Incoming Calls


With your local SIM, you get cheaper call rates by eliminating roaming and you can receive incoming calls from anywhere in the world for free*!


*free incoming calls subject to network terms and conditions. Most European networks are free but you need to read the small print for the US.

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