Phone Unlocking

Different countries have different rules on phone locking. Usually a phone is only locked when the mobile network has subsidised the handset. In order to find out whether your phone is locked to your network, please contact your provider.

If your phone is locked, only your network provider can unlock it.

How to check if your device is unlocked

An easy way to verify if you phone is unlocked is by using a SIM Card or eSIM from another network and seeing if you can make a call or connect to the internet. However, if you are unable to do this, you can find instructions to verify your status below.

Note: Your device setting may vary by manufacturer.


Some devices will allow you to check your unlock status directly.
Open your device settings, then go to "About phone" or "System". Look for an option that says "SIM Status". If you see an "Unlocked" or "Network unlocked" status, your phone is unlocked.


Go to Settings > General > About.
If "No SIM restrictions" appears next to Network Provider Lock, your iPhone is unlocked.

Contact your network provider

If you cannot verify your unlock status via the methods above, you may need to contact your existing network provider to check your unlock status. You'll need an unlocked device to be able to use our eSIM plans.

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