Orange Announces Best eSIM Deal For Europe This Summer

June 11, 2020

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Planning to travel to Europe this summer? 

Orange, the official sponsor of the Olympic Games, has announced an unmissable summer promotion!

From June 6th to October 9th, if you activate the Orange Holiday 50GB plan, you’ll automatically get a free upgrade to 100GB of data—double the data at no extra cost! 

And don’t worry if you’re super organised and bought the plan before June 6th; you’ll still snag the extra gigabytes when you activate it within the promo period.

An eSIM That’s Not Just For Paris

Orange is an official sponsor of the Paris Olympics (Photo: Pixabay)

Orange's special offer was announced to welcome the expected 15 million visitors arriving in France this summer to experience the Paris Olympics. But the expansive plan provides coverage in another 41 countries, which means you'll stay connected no matter where your European adventure takes you!

This 100GB plan, available through Sim Local, is perfect for anyone who can’t live without their smartphone, especially when they’re travelling. And let’s be honest—that's pretty much all of us.

Here are some the plan's highlights:

  • 100GB of 5G/LTE data: That’s double the standard 50GB, just for you!
  • Coverage across Europe: Enjoy coverage in 42 countries including France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany.
  • 120 minutes of international calls: Chat with your loved ones across the globe.
  • 1000 international text messages: Send texts to any worldwide destination from Europe.
  • Unlimited calls and texts within Europe: Keep the conversation going without limits.
  • Track your usage: Keep tabs on your data in the Sim Local app. Need more? You can easily top up as you go.

Sim Local, a leader in travel SIM card and eSIM retail, offers an online marketplace for trusted providers like Orange to make finding the right eSIM a breeze. And for the not-so-tech-savvy people out there, they offer 24/7 support to guide you through the entire process. 

With 100GB of high-speed data, you can work, play, and stay connected without a hitch. Plus, those international call minutes and heaps of SMS messages mean you can keep in touch with everyone, no matter where they are.

As summer travel continues to surge, Orange’s special eSIM promotion is a no-brainer for anyone travelling through Europe. By doubling your data to 100GB at no extra cost, Orange is making sure you get the best bang for your buck and stay connected on all your adventures.

Why eSIM?

Switching to eSIM is a smart move for travellers who want a simple, cost-effective, and reliable way to stay online wherever they travel. 

  1. Like-home smartphone connectivity: With eSIM, you can connect to local networks wherever you travel, ensuring you have the best available coverage. There’s no need to hunt for Wi-Fi spots or worry about losing signal as you move between countries.
  2. Dodge roaming fees: International roaming fees can quickly add up and put a noticeable dent in your finances. Now you can make calls, send texts, and access your favourite apps without the fear of unexpected costs appearing on your bill. A prepaid eSIM offers transparent pricing, so you always know what you're spending.
  3. Quick setup: Install and activate your eSIM plan in under five minutes. The setup process is straightforward and can be completed directly from your phone without needing to visit a store. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, the intuitive setup ensures you can get connected quickly, leaving you more time to enjoy your trip.
  4. No Extra Hardware: Say goodbye to fiddly SIM card trays and those tiny, hard-to-find ejector tools. With eSIM, everything is digital, so you can switch plans or activate new ones without any physical cards.

Don’t miss out—head over to Sim Local’s website to grab your Orange Holiday 100GB plan and enjoy seamless smartphone connectivity this summer!

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