Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour Smashes Data Usage Records!

July 5, 2024

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Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour is breaking records worldwide, but not just in ticket sales. From Wembley Stadium in London to AT&T Stadium in Texas, Swifties are turning every concert into a digital extravaganza. Let’s delve into how fans are making history with their phones.

Wembley Stadium, London

Wembley Stadium, a legendary venue in London, witnessed an unprecedented surge in data usage during Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour according to EE. Over three consecutive nights, Swifties at Wembley set jaw-dropping records.

  • Friday, 21st June: 5.16 TB (equivalent to approximately 1,032,000 songs or 1,290 movies.)
  • Saturday, 22nd June: 5.57 TB (equivalent to listening to Taylor’s entire back catalogue for ten years!!)
  • Sunday, 23rd June: 5.48 TB (equivalent to around 1,826,667 photos.)

These numbers are mind blowing, surpassing the data usage at the recent UEFA Champions League final, the 2024 FA Cup final, and even Harry Styles’ concert at Wembley in 2023. Swifties clearly didn’t feel the need to calm down as they shared their concert moments non-stop, flooding the internet with The Eras Tour mania.

Around 12% of Wembley’s nightly crowd of 90,000 were international visitors, with fans from the USA, Canada, France, and Spain leading the charge. The influx of international Swifties using EE’s network underscores the global pull of Taylor’s tour, with fans willing to travel internationally to see the superstar.

And guess what? 

Taylor is due to return to Wembley Stadium in August 2024, so her fans have the chance to knock these records out of the woods (or park) once again.

Data Usage Records on The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift didn’t just break records in London; she also left her mark at top stadiums across Europe and the USA.

Estadio da Luz, Portugal

Swifties broke Vodafone Portugal’s data traffic record with a staggering 4.8 TB on the second night, surpassing any football game ever held at the stadium.

MetLife Stadium, New Jersey

Fans continued the momentum with an impressive 6.3 TB of data usage, setting a new record at the venue.

AT&T Stadium, Texas

Taylor Swift’s concert hit an astronomical 28.9 TB of data usage, the highest amount ever moved by AT&T’s network at any stadium for any event in 2023, exceeding even average data usage on Cowboys game days.

Other notable records on The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift's concerts on The Eras Tour have set staggering mobile data usage records at various stadiums.


AT&T data 

Nissan Stadium (Nashville)

23 TB

NRG Stadium (Houston)

20.2 TB

SoFi Stadium (LA)

12.6 TB

Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta)

12 TB

State Farm Stadium (Arizona)

9.05 TB

Raymond James Stadium (Florida)

8.6 TB

Soldier Field (Chicago)

7.2 TB

What’s Next For The Eras Tour?

Although The Eras Tour is nearing its conclusion after 152 dates, there are still a few more important stops including five more nights at Wembley, a return to the USA, and an exciting finale in Canada. Whether you’re planning to travel to the UK for Swift’s Wembley return or to North America for her final shows, make sure you’re prepared by downloading a prepaid eSIM plan from Sim Local.

The Eras Tour has broken sales and attendance records, and pushed the boundaries of mobile network capabilities with fans relying on their smartphones to capture and share the experience and stay connected with friends in crowded venues. It's driving data usage to record-breaking levels and increasing the demand for the best possible mobile coverage. 

For international travellers, an activated eSIM makes it easy to stay connected to a local network without the hassle of changing SIM cards. This gives you the peace of mind that your smartphone will work as normal so you can capture and share the live performance in real time while avoiding expensive roaming charges.

So Swifties, as we enter the last leg of The Eras Tour… are you ready for it?

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Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour Smashes Data Usage Records!

Swifties are breaking records worldwide, but not just in ticket sales.

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