The Top 5 Best Places to Work from in the Airport

February 23, 2024

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Travelling for business always sounds so glamourous.

Jetting off to the States for a company wide meeting or flying to Rome to finalise that contract sounds like the perfect way to spend your time while you are working.

Unfortunately, the reality tends to not be quite as glitzy as movies and television makes it out to be.

Rather than enjoying an espresso in the airport, relaxing before your flight, you are more likely to be searching everywhere for an available plug socket for your laptop, trying to find a good internet signal, and of course, somewhere to sit (table is a bit of a long shot, sorry).

That’s why we have put together our useful guide of our top 5 places to go to work while travelling, so you can be as productive in the airport as you would at your desk.


Our Top 5 Options

1.      Airport Lounges

2.      Business Centres

3.      Quiet Zones

4.      Cafes & Restaurants

5.      Your Gate


1.     Airport Lounges

The holy grail for the business traveller, these lounges usually have food, drinks, Wi-Fi, many power sockets, comfy seats, and tables.

However, you usually either have to pay an additional fee or get access via credit cards or specific ticket types.

The additional expense may be worth it though for a quiet space with unlimited coffee and snacks.


2.     Business Centres

Some airports have taken the needs of the business traveller into their designs and built dedicated workspaces and business centres.

Airports with these facilities include:

·      Changi Airport (Singapore – SIN)

·      Dubai International Airport (Dubai - DXB):

·      Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam - AMS)

·      Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong - HKG)

·      Frankfurt Airport (Frankfurt - FRA)

·      Heathrow Airport (London - LHR)

·      Tokyo Haneda Airport (Tokyo – HND)

·      Los Angeles International Airport (Los Angeles - LAX)


3.     Quiet Zones

Quiet zones have become quite a popular addition to airports and are intended for a wide range of activities including meditation, breaks from sensory overload, and even working.

You can find out if an airport has a quiet zone by asking at the customer service desk.


4.     Cafes & Restaurants

Not the best solution if you are looking for a place with peace, quiet, and no distractions to work while travelling, however they can provide you a chair and a table, along with access to food and beverages.

There are also usually a number of options available at every airport however, these spaces are not suitable for longer periods of time as you would have to continuously purchase food and drink while you are occupying a table and there is no guarantee that you would have access to a plug socket.


5.     Your Gate

Getting to your gate early and utilising a space there could be the simplest and easiest solution to working at the airport.

Our advice would be to grab yourself some food and snacks before heading over and trying to get to the gate as early as possible to grab yourself a space.

Then all that’s left to do is get your head down and get on with your work.


Business travel doesn’t always live up to the perceived glitz and glamour, and often comes with additional stress, especially when it comes to getting work done in an airport.

From airport lounges and business centers to the more accessible quiet zones, cafés, restaurants and your departure gate, there is somewhere for everyone.

If you know you are travelling for work, planning ahead and researching what facilities are available at the airports you will be visiting can help increase productivity time, and purchasing an eSIM with data can also provide you with a hotspotting connection if our top 5 options aren’t available.

For more travel guides, visit Sim Local’s blog and social media channels.

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