eSIM is the latest technology for mobile devices that will ultimately remove the need for physical SIM cards. ‘eSIM’ refers to an embedded SIM and takes the form of a chip that cannot be removed from a mobile device. This means that users can switch between mobile networks without needing to replace their SIM card.​

You can download plans from different networks straight to a mobile device without requiring a physical SIM Card. An eSIM performs the same function as a SIM card but removes the requirement to physically swap SIMs when switching between network providers.

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Our top eSIM questions

What is eSIM?
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Think of eSIM as a digital version of a SIM card - you get all the benefits of a SIM card without the hassle of swapping them and having to store them safely when not in use.

The 'e' stands for 'embedded' - devices that support eSIM have a chip inside the device that functions like an internal SIM card

Your device must be network-unlocked to use plans from other operators. Learn more about your device status.

Why use an eSIM?
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Flexibility: You can store multiple eSIM profiles on a single device and switch between them, making it easier to change carriers or plans.

eSIMs can be activated quickly and easily without the need for physical SIM cards or a trip to a store.

eSIMs enable easier switching to local networks when traveling, reducing roaming charges and losing existing cards.

Environmentally Friendly: Reduces the need for plastic SIM cards, contributing to a reduction in plastic waste.

Can I use eSIM?
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If you're using an iPhone, you're likely able to be able to use eSIM. If you're using a device from another manufacturer, you may need to check if your device supports eSIM. Most modern smartphones will list eSIM compatibility in their product specifications.

Your device will also need to be network-unlocked to use our plans. On some devices, you can check your unlock status. You may need to contact your network provider to confirm this. More information is available below.

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Is eSIM secure? Can someone steal my eSIM?
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Yes, eSIM technology incorporates robust security features similar to traditional SIM cards, with the added benefit of not being physically removable. Once installed, your eSIM cannot be moved to another device, making it even more secure than a physical SIM card. However, please take care to not reveal your eSIM details to others if you do not intend to give this plan to someone else.

Can I use more than one eSIM at a time?
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Some devices support multiple eSIM profiles, but they can typically only use one at a time. Check your device manufacturer guidelines for more information

Can I switch between eSIM profiles?
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Yes, most devices allow you to switch between eSIM profiles. However, the process can vary by device and carrier. It's best to consult your device manufacturer for more information about this.

Can I keep my eSIM if I change my phone number?
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Yes, your eSIM is tied to your carrier account, not your phone number. You can use your eSIM alongside your existing SIM Card on most modern devices.